Cornflakes Rabri Rabdi

Cornflakes Rabri

Come Delhi summers and we all start craving for Kulfi, Rabri, Rasmalai and anything chilled and sweet. Delhi is adorned by those colourful Ice Cream carts at every nook and corner. With all those limitless flavours and colourful icrecreams coming up, who would want to bear the heat and make a dessert at home? But then, … Continue reading

Beetroot Chutney Hummus

Beetroot Chutney | Hummus

Chutneys or condiments are those little things which add a big punch to any meal or snacks. They are the face savers, when sometimes the meal is bland. Here is one recipe of Beetroot, which has been accepted pretty well in my household and friends circle. In fact,  I have some non beetroot lovers at … Continue reading

Savoury Vegetable Semolina Cake

Savoury Vegetable Semolina Cake

  Though I have earlier done a post on Savoury Semolina bread some 2 years back, I did some tweaks in my subsequent attempts. The taste got even better and so did the feedback. So instead of going back and changing the old post, I decided to come up with this newer version with the … Continue reading

Eggless Butterscotch Cake with Fruit Topping

Eggless Fresh Fruit Nougat Cake and Its our 100th post!!!!

My 100th post??? Yes!!!! It feels like a commitment-phobic celebrating her first wedding anniversary 😉 There is a deep sense of happiness and at the same time a sense of wonder about myself. After so many break-ups with my blog how did I manage to get here? Perhaps its one of those love stories which I … Continue reading

Finger Millet Choco Chips Cookies

Ragi (Finger Millet) Choco Chips Cookies

There is something about Ragi, He is humble, earthy, virtuous and a good friend of Cocoa. Now Cocoa has always been flamboyant. Wherever she goes she casts a spell. People swoon over her and everybody wants to have a piece of her. That’s the magic of her existence. One day Ragi and Cocoa fell in … Continue reading

Yeastless Whole Wheat Pizza

Yeast Free Whole Wheat Pizza

“Live” life. Drink its nectar. Be like a river that bends beautifully and changes its course, at each obstacle that comes its way. The twists and turns, seem so obvious to the river as it moves, in a dance, unhindered. I keep reminding myself to adapt to life, accept, go with the flow. I remind … Continue reading

Upma Cheese Cutlet

Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!

Forgive me for this dull mobile click, but this is just to share an idea. Recycling left overs has been one of my favourite tasks. However, Upma leftovers have always bothered me. I find it’s taste dull and lifeless the next day. This time I had quite a quantity of Upma leftovers at my disposal. … Continue reading

Chocolate Dodha

Joy is sweet and Sweets are a joy! Sweetaholics! Here is another recipe trial that went well! Like most of the desserts on my blog,  this one is also from the books of Nita Mehta titled “Mithai”. What fascinates me most is, this is made out of ghee solids, which is the residue that is … Continue reading

Mango Semolina - Sooji Cake - Eggless

Eggless Mango Semolina (Sooji) Cake – Step by Step

“A cake recipe without  All purpose flour and flavoured with Mango??? Got to try this out!!!” I exclaimed when I read this cake recipe on Having some home made Mango puree handy with me, I was looking for a simple and quick recipe and this was one of them. The taste and texture of the cake was … Continue reading

Badam Burfi – Navratri Special – Step by Step

This particular recipe is one of the favourites in my home as there is no Ghee (clarified butter) and taste is pure almondilicious 🙂 It is quite easy to make so I don’t complain too 🙂 And folks searching for Navratri special fasting food, this can be had during Navratra too. So hope you make it and enjoy it!

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