CinnamonNChillies turns 1!!! :-)

Oh God! Time does fly by!!! My bloggie baby just turned 1!!!!!! Just 3-4 days back, while glancing at my archives, I realized this. Given my track record of not sticking to something for long, I never expected to grow her up (cinnamonNchillies) so far. Though she took small and slow baby steps she has been indeed a bundle of joy. She keeps me awake when I should be sleeping, she is on my mind when I am eating out and she’s got me together with other ‘blogger parents’ πŸ˜‰ Isnt she adorable πŸ™‚ For me she’ll always be :-))

Apologies for the analogy. I got a little carried away πŸ™‚ So I was sharing about crossing 10000 page hits and one year by CNC with my friends. One of my friends who is also a food blogger nudged me about baking a cake for the celebration. To be honest, I have never done a full fledged cake with icing and all since folks at home don’t prefer it much. Hence I was double minded. But then it was mom-in-law’s birthday too. So the twin celebrations seemed like a reason to finally bake one and lead it to completion. So I decided to make the Cappucino Hazelnut cake I leant about, in the baking course by Nita Mehta.

Alas! If things always went as we planned! Everything that could go wrong went wrong that day. The cake was about to reach its half time in the oven and….. electricity went off. This is the mental dialogue that was happening in the space of my mind “Gosh!!! Power cut??? Go to internet and see how to do the rescue operation..GO, GO, GO! What?? No internet??? Yes Wi-Fi is done and out 😦 Plan B. Connect to internet from mobile and see. Oh..this one is working. Ok so I leave the cake in the oven till the oven is yet hot. Then what? Wait I have a Sanjeev Kappor Gas Oven. Why not heat it up till then??? Though the baking dish will not sit inside it properly but… may be I can save the cake. May be……”

Hoook!!! So that is how it was. I was able to save the cake with lots of pain and patience, by baking it in low temperature in the Sanjeev Kapoor tandoor and kept checking to prevent over burning. I left the cake to cool down and went out to buy stuff for Rakhshabandhan and other groceries. Terrible traffic, terrible parking experience. Came back rattled and tired. So hubby suggested that I do the icing late at night when he is back home. So we started some 11ish. Hubby, who is a potter by hobby, took over (read snatched over :-)) the icing part because he was loving the similarity of icing to his hobby. He decided to give it a rustic look. Not that we were keen to make it perfect either, we were dead tired already. I did some tidbits on the top. Thats it. The cake was moved into the refridgerator to sleep or rather let us sleep.

Next day, mom-in-law’s bday. Cake has been cut and tasted. Its Goooooddd!!!!!! What a relief!!!!! πŸ™‚ Happy Bday Mom and CinnamonNChillies!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

16 Responses to “CinnamonNChillies turns 1!!! :-)”
  1. dogblog says:

    Loved the look of the cake ….I saw it and was gonna say it has so much influence of Summet's pottery and then came to part which gave his contribution which explained everything:) It looks scrumptious!!!

  2. ANU says:

    wow awesome rustic looking cake…very nicely done…..congratulations !!

  3. Chitra says:

    love the look of the cake…very well done…. and congrats to u on ur blogs 1st anniversary

  4. Uma says:

    simply superb!Congratulations on the first anniversary!!! here's to many more…keep going….

  5. themustardseed says:

    Congratulations for completing a year! It is amazing how blogging world has no boundaries and connects us with so many people! Great looking cake!

  6. Radhika says:

    Happy Birthday to your blog Sharadha. Lovely way to celebrate indeed.

  7. Prathima Rao says:

    Happi bday to Cinnamon n Chillies!!! The cake looks grand & simply fab…apt for the occasion :)Prathima RaoPrats Corner

  8. Vardhini says:

    Congrats on the anniversary. Cake looks good and lovely write up.VardhiniCheck out my 100th post giveaway

  9. Reva says:

    Congrats.. Cake looks perfect for the occasion:) Lovely writeup… Great that the cake has turned up well after so many mishaps.. Best wishes for many more years of happy blogging:)Reva

  10. Laxmi says:

    Congratulations on first anniversary of your blog.. Cake looks too delicious.,.

  11. Priya says:

    Congrats on ur blog anniversary, happy birthday to ur blog baby,cake looks super prefect and incredible..

  12. SinFoodie says:

    Glad that my nudging you resulted in this cake :))) ..This looks simply delish even after so many mishaps… I would really want to taste the combination of flavours that this cake has πŸ™‚

  13. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal says:

    Pain and patience pays off. Congrats dear on your bloggie baby turning 1. It truely is a great accomplishment and waiting for your cake recipe now πŸ™‚

  14. aipi says:

    Hey happy anniversary dear, wish you many many year of success and happiness! This is such a beautiful cake to mark your occasion. I'm soooo drooling over the pics ~ Lots of love and hugs!USMasala

  15. Vatsala says:

    Congrats dear for the success and wish you many more wonderful blogging years.
    Invitation for a potluck
    Event – FSF Janmashtami and Ganesh Chturthi

  16. Anamika says:

    Hey the cake looks good inspite of all the adventures πŸ™‚ Please share the recipe as well..and wishing u many tasty years of blogging!!

    BTW I sent u a mail regarding getting self domain..please check & reply as time permits. Wishing u a very happy new year!!

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