Beetroot Raita | Beetroot Yoghurt

I had a wonderful time last two months with travel, family get together, shopping, excursions and what not. One of these trips was to Punjab where we had a blast with our family there. Visited the holy temple of Chintapurni Devi  in Himachal, made an impromptu trip to Amritsar and visited the Holy Golden Temple and the Durgyana temple in Amritsar. The trip would have been incomplete without the soul fulfilling lunch at the ever famous Kesar Da Dhaba. Made a memorable visit to my sister-in-law’s place too and she treated us with some really innovative delicious meal there. This raita was part of our lunch that day. We loved it soo much that I had to put it up here. This one is too simple to believe yet so tasty. Completes a meal like anything.

Serves: 4

Cooking Time: 5 Mins


1 Medium Sized Beetroot
400 gm of Yoghurt
1 tsp Sugar
Raita Masala as per taste or
Salt+Black Salt+Ground Cumin powder – as per taste


  • Peel and grate the beetroot.
  • Add very little water and pressure cook for 5 minutes. Let it cool down
  • Beat yoghurt. If its too thick add water from the boiled Beetroot. Add sugar. (Sugar helps in elevating the taste here. This Raita needs to be a bit sweet. However if you want you can omit it.) Add boiled beetroot. Add Raita masala.
  • Refrigerate and serve chilled.

6 Responses to “Beetroot Raita | Beetroot Yoghurt”
  1. Tina says:

    Looks lovely..

  2. Seema says:

    This seems so easy and doable. Also something healthy and kid friendly. Will definitely have to try it soon.

  3. says:

    This is one raita we all love to have. Yummy! Great to see you back Sharada!

  4. Elpiniki says:

    Looks really beautiful, amazing color! I love the idea!

  5. Thank you friends for appreciating this 🙂

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