Nature Beckons – Almora, Uttaranchal

Kalmatiya Sangam here I come again. My second visit after three years. Because you offer wonderful views of the nature which sooth my heart. Because you calm down my restless mind, which comes to you after taking the beating of a metropolitan city life. You offer me a beautiful cottage every time, which puts me at ease from day one. And the satiating food you serve, homely, fresh and made with pure honesty. Your staff are naturally hospitable, not rehearsed. Now do you know why I want to keep coming back to you??

I wish I could say more, but when it comes to writing I find myself a woman of few words. So how about taking a look at these pictures and see what I see.

Day1, dark clouds and heavy rains welcomed us. It got so cold that I feared my Summer vacation is going to turn into a winter vacation.

I would observe this village house from our terrace everyday. The lady of the house would work non-stop. Where does she get her energy and motivation from?

Stairs that lead to cottages

Cozy seating place by the window

Found this interesting thing to keep our knickknacks

I am growing fond of these wall mounted candle holders. This is not just for decoration though. Power cuts are usual there.

Day 3 was pleasantly sunny. If you look closely you can see the Nanda Devi peaks amidst the clouds.

Is this a flower or leaves?

Click from the terrace. Love these blue doors.

Rain water harvesting
On way to Binsar Forest Reserve. Phone clicks from inside the car.
Binsar was really dense and full of these lovely red flowers.
Nothing to say about this. Still I found this pit interesting.
Saw quiet a few of such lovely families on our way back.
Trek to 800 year old Katarmal Sun temple.
Spotted these banana bunches on our way.
Ahh the trek ends.
Spotted some people who had come all the way from Assam to get a special Sun worship done here.
From Old Archives
Couldn’t resist digging out some photos from our 2008 trip. This was taken in early November 2008.
Cluster of 125 temples at Jageshwar.
Dandeshwar – The beautiful temple in the most breathtaking serenest surrounding I have ever seen. The energy of the place is something that can not be described but only be felt.
Some final pics of the resort.
Our cottage in 2008
Floor outside the cottage was beautifully covered with these pebbles.
Thanks for flowing with me through this post. Doing long posts has not been my forte. The thought behind this is that whenever I start looking for places to visit, I find personal blogs of people very helpful in terms of pics and reviews. If this post helped or inspired you in any way or just gave you a good feeling by looking at the pics, then I would consider my time on this post well spent. Thank you!
6 Responses to “Nature Beckons – Almora, Uttaranchal”
  1. Shweta says:


  2. says:

    Seems like a you had a great vacation at Almora!

    Loved the clicks and the info about the Surya Temple. That yellow flower is very beautiful too!

  3. Imogen says:

    Beautiful pictures! You seemed to have captured so much of the nature out here. Wonderful to see it through your eyes…

  4. Hey, I am dropping by here for the first time and liked this blog post,the pics and all. Will come back for more.

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