Whole Wheat Pasta – Homemade & Handmade from Start to Finish

Whole Wheat Pasta – Start to Finish

Perfection GoodBye!!

Puzzled?? Seems like I am writing the wrong text at the wrong window??? Not exactly 🙂 Perfection GoodBye is the thought process behind my post today.

Why? Because this topic echoes the emotions of a woman who undergoes stress each day to achieve that elusive fruit called perfection. Perfect cook; Perfect mother, perfect wife, Perfect daughter-in-law, Perfect professional, perfect human being and Perfect whatnot!!!

Please allow me to ask…..Do you ever feel like falling out of pace?  Rushed through a hectic day and think where exactly the time went? Have a necessary task to do, but the task already begins in the mind much before you start it physically? If yes then you and I belong to the same club but, I, have sent in my resignation now 🙂

The two Ps, Procrastination and Perfection, were always a troublesome companion for me. The former, I left back some years ago.  I recognized the presence of latter only recently. The desire to fit in everything, perfect meal, perfect meditation, perfect weekend…all this was leading me away from the joy of these tasks. I started realizing it is ok if there is one item less in a meal,  it is ok if I can not meditate for a day, it is ok if a dish does not turn out well. “It is OK” is becoming my new mantra now. I realize this post is becoming longer than I expected, but it is “OK” 🙂

In the last few months I missed out on posting some good recipes because I didn’t have the time for the perfect plating, dish tasted well but didn’t look good etc etc. But now I have decided to accept and enjoy those imperfections and move ahead with it. It is Ok J. So here is a whole wheat pasta recipe I made from the scratch. I “tried” not to worry too much about cutting the vegetables and pasta in perfect measure J. I tried not to worry about the lighting and photos and just do the post with what I have. And like the normal post I am not going to give the perfect measures however I am keen on sharing the idea with you.

Dedicated to all my friends, with love!!

Serves: 3

Take about 1 cup of whole wheat flour (atta). Add water little by little, knead well and make a hard dough. Cover with cling foil and refrigerate. I did it for an hour. Take out the dough, divide it into 3 equal portions. Roll out into a thin roti/tortilla. Some people add olive oil to the dough too. I’ll try that next time and see.

Cut into strips of desired width. Dust a plate with flour. Keep the strips on it. Again dust the strips with flour and stack further strips on it.

Cover the plate with cling foil. Refrigerate for some time, an hour would do. I did for 4 hours as I went out. I do this to set it a bit. I guess refrigeration can be omitted though.

Boil water. Add the pasta strips. Let them boil for 13-15 minutes. It depends on the thickness too. Mine took 15 minutes. Taste and see if the raw taste of flour is gone.

Strain the pasta.  Pour cold water on them to stop further cooking.

Meanwhile get the sauce ready. I added about 1.5 cups of homemade tomato sauce to olive oil. Added 1/4  cup of chopped basil leaves. Added salt, oregano, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder (didn’t use chopped ones). Tossed in parboiled broccoli and carrots. Added some yellow and red bell peppers, tomato chunks and pickled olives.

Add Pasta, Sauté for a minute or two. I drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top before serving. You can add parmesan cheese on top.

I had kept two Basil leaves separately for dressing up the pasta for the photo. But amusingly, as this was a post about imperfection, I literally forgot to decorate them at the end J. So a perfect ending to an imperfect post 🙂

5 Responses to “Whole Wheat Pasta – Homemade & Handmade from Start to Finish”
  1. Vidisha says:

    Hey, I was waiting for this :). This is looking saucy and yummy! You seem to have presented the “pasta made easy” recipe! Hey, can you also share how you made the tomato sauce?

    And, your stuff about perfection was SO TRUE!

    • Hey Vidisha

      Thanks for your comment. agree it was a big saucy 😉
      Tomato sauce was easy and lazy 🙂 We normally keep homemade tomato and ginger puree. I cooked that in olive oil and cheated on the flavours by putting Maggie Veg Masala Cubes, Oregano and Pepper 🙂 Finally some chopped basil.

  2. Priya says:

    Very impressive and well done. Nothing will beat the homemade pasta.

  3. Tadka Pasta says:

    Goodness! Did you really do that! That looks just terrific.

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