Chocolate Dodha

Chocolate Dodha

Chocolate Dodha

Joy is sweet and Sweets are a joy! Sweetaholics! Here is another recipe trial that went well! Like most of the desserts on my blog,  this one is also from the books of Nita Mehta titled “Mithai”. What fascinates me most is, this is made out of ghee solids, which is the residue that is left when we make ghee(clarified butter) at home. This one is easy to make and totally loved by children!

I am mentioning the detailed recipe here which includes the process of making clarified butter. However since I already had the ghee solids at my disposal, I have taken the pictures of the Dodha making process only. Here is is:



8 cups Malai (milk cream)

5 tbsp Cocoa powder

4 tbsp Sooji (Semolina)

1/4 cups Walnuts – break into small pieces

1/2 cup+3 tbsp sugar

1/ cup water


Serving: Makes 10-12 pieces


Boil malai in a wok, stirring continuously on medium heat till the ghee separates. The solids should remain golden brown and not become dark brown.

Place a muslin cloth (or a sieve) over a stainless steel bowl and our ghee in it with solid remains. The ghee will strain into the bowl and can be used in cooking.

Chocolate Dodha

Solid residue after ghee is made

The hot solids in the muslin cloth should be carefully pressed with a pair of tongs (chimta) to drain out all the ghee from them. Now measure the solids. We need 2 cups for this recipe.

Chocolate Dodha

Ghee solids, Cocoa and Semolina

Mix together 2 cups solid remains of ghee, Sooji and Cocoa powder. Grind this mixture in the grinder. The mixture would look coarse and granular. Add Walnuts. Keep aside.

Chocolate Dodha

Making Sugar Syrup

In a wok boil water and sugar for 5-6 minutes till the syrup reaches a 2 string consistency.

Chocolate Dodha

Sugar Syrup of Two String Consistency

The way to check this is: lower the heat. Now take a sample of the syrup sticking on the back side of the ladle,on your index finger. (This would be a little hot!) Stick your index finger and thumb together and separate slowly, as shown in the figure. The syrup will stretch into two threads. If it If not, you need to cook the syrup further on medium flame. Keep checking. The syrup should not get thicker than two string consistency.

Chocolate Dodha

Thickening the Dodha mixture

Chocolate Dodha

Mixture leaving sides of Wok

Add the Ghee Solids and Cocoa mixture and stir continuously and cook for 2-4 minutes or till dry and mixture leaves the sides of the wok.

Chocolate Dodha

Pour in cake tin. Garnish.

Remove from flame. Grease a 6″ by 6″ square cake tin. Transfer the hot mixture in it. Level with a flat spoon. Tap the tin lightly on the surface. Top with crushed walnuts. Keep aside to cool.

Chocolate Dodha

Chocolate Dodha

Keep the burfi in Fridge for 1 hour to become stiff. Remove from fridge and cut into squares. Can be stored outside fridge. In case you store it in fridge, take it out and allow it to come to room temperature before consumption.

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  1. Priya says:

    Inviting chocolate dodha..wish i live near you to have some.

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