Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!

Upma Cheese Cutlet, Patties

Upma Cheese Cutlet, Patties – From Leftovers

Forgive me for this dull mobile click, but this is just to share an idea. Recycling left overs has been one of my favourite tasks. However, Upma leftovers have always bothered me. I find it’s taste dull and lifeless the next day. This time I had quite a quantity of Upma leftovers at my disposal. So I added some grated Amul processed cheese, freshly chopped Green Chillies, Chopped Coriander leaves, Dry Mango Powder (Amchur) and something to balance the saltiness of process cheese. So I added sauted onion, unsalted. But there are more options like adding crushed cottage cheese/mashed potatoes/bread crumbs and so on.

So this is what to do in short: Mix well, make a dough, form balls, flatten, coat with Semolina  and shallow fry.

Yummy and Cheesy Upma Cutlets ready to eat! Crisp and soft at the same time. Serve with sauce or chutney or just have as is. It will get gobbled up in minutes I assure you 🙂

2 Responses to “Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!”
  1. Priya says:

    Wat an incredible leftover magic, looks fantastic.

  2. Thank you dear Priya! Your feedback peps me up 🙂

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