About Me

Hi there. I am from India. Though my main channels of expression are words and cooking these days, I do enjoy other things in life like dance, shopping, makeup, catching up with friends, eating out and reading self help books and magazines.

Yes, I do some of the typical girlie/womanly stuff and I am proud of it :-)) By profession I had been in the field Information Technology for more than 10 years and took a break from work life some years ago. My life as a homemaker started unearthing my hidden passion for cooking. The seed for this passion was probably sown years ago by my late grand mother. Though I never cooked before marriage, I would be awed by the kind of love which my grand mother poured into her cooking. Though she herself had the diet of a sparrow :-), she would derive great satisfaction from people enjoying her dishes. The way her eyes would light up when people relished her meals, that image, that emotion has stayed with me all the years.

Now that I am much more active in the kitchen I feel the same kind of enthusiasm and feel that she must be feeling happy somewhere 🙂

9 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Malathi A says:

    Awesome Website 🙂

    Nice Veggies Recipies…..

    Can I share the receipies to you ?

    Thanks !


    • White Light says:

      Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. Sure you can share your recipes with me, I will be glad to post them under your name.

  2. Hi,
    I am, like yourself, a software engineer in the IT workforce and have a PhD in computer science. I have been researching cooking and health of IT workers in general for several years now. In short, after due thought, I feel uncomfortable with eggless recipes that use baking soda. I am actually avoiding yeast and baking soda/powder based recipes and packaged foods. Thought I’d let you know. Best Regards – Chandra Gupta

  3. rajeswari or gayatri says:

    hai sharada…I always keep track of your new recipes….never could think of that a dtea student could be so good at cooking …I feel proud that even we all ex dtea students didn’t study in a high end school but ….all are shining in our own field ….keep up the great work and all the best….rajeswari krishnan

  4. preetivaisoha says:

    Thanks for sharing such nice vegetarian recipes…. Finally found a website with recipes of my taste! Pls keep me posted with more !

    • Hi Preeti!!
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!! I am so glad that you could relate to the recipes on my site 🙂 Surely will keep you posted! For receiving updates, you can subscribe to my site either via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cinchillies) or enter your email address in the “Follow via email” option on my home page.

      Have a good day


  5. Hello there! I recently found your blog, and am charmed by it. I love the simple, yet flavourful recipes you write about. I love your way of writing, the way you write about the little things from your everyday life. I wish you’d bring this blog back to life – please do! I notice the last post here is over 2 years old – I hope you’ve been doing well meanwhile!

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