Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!

Upma Cheese Cutlet

Forgive me for this dull mobile click, but this is just to share an idea. Recycling left overs has been one of my favourite tasks. However, Upma leftovers have always bothered me. I find it’s taste dull and lifeless the next day. This time I had quite a quantity of Upma leftovers at my disposal. … Continue reading

Beetroot Patties | Chukunder ki Tikki

“I am alive, I am alive”. With a tinge of shame, I am singing this out to the blog world 🙂 So am back here with a BIG GRIN on my face to camouflage all feelings of embarrassment and the likes :-)) I had these Beetroots lying idle in the fridge for sometime. I tried them as patties and found them to be quiet nice and versatile this way. Adding potatoes kind of neutralized its sweetness and spices jazzed up the flavour.

Oats Cutlet And Leftovers Sandwich, And Some Awards Too

Made good use of leftovers in these filling sandwiches using Oats Poha for cutlet and Moong Chutney for hummus.

Navratri Fasting Food Recipes – Reposting old posts

Navratri have started and I bring to you some of the recipes that I have posted earlier, these are my favorite Navratre food. I hope you enjoy cooking and sharing with family.

Vegetable Dalia Upma/ Cracked Wheat Upma

An interesting breakfast recipe which came to us through word of mouth some years ago. Dalia in its healthy and tasty avatar. There could be many interesting variation/ flavoring to this one.

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich with Hung Yoghurt Garlic and Basil Spread

[dropcap]E[/dropcap] ating out does not only give a good break from the kitchen chores but also ideas for new recipes to be tried at home. This sandwich is a combination of few things I liked while on a cooking break. Hope you might like it too. Recipe for Yoghurt spread is adapted from here. I … Continue reading

Nutrella Vegetable and Cheese tikkis/Pancakes

Made these tikkis after a long time when a close friend of mine asked me to post about this. She and I spent some of our beautiful “younger” years together :-). And these tikkis were one of the very few culinary items I had tried my hands at, before marriage. Though she did not get … Continue reading

Oats and Semolina Dosa with spicy Peanut Garlic spread

Another one of those rush rush morning when body and mind function incoherently. When every task seems like a “to-do” I want to get over with. One of such ‘to-do’s was to try Oats and Semolina Dosa or crepe which I had been putting off for some days. So I decided to tick it off … Continue reading

Vegetable Vermicelli

This was one of my favourite tiffin items during school days. There is nothing new about this simple breakfast dish yet it is something my blog can’t do without 🙂 Here is the recipe: Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1 and 1/2 cup Bambino pre-roasted Vermicelli3 cups of Water 1/4 cup green peas – slightly under-boiled 1 large Tomato – … Continue reading

Moong Dal and Spinach Cheela

My mom-in-law made this on a hustly bustly weekday morning a month ago. The thought of putting this on my blog popped into my head and I managed to get this quick photograph.  But somehow I forgot to post this at all 😦 Today while looking at some old photographs it came back to me. Moong … Continue reading

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