Besan Cookies or Chickpea Flour cookies

Whenever I think about my visits to bakeries during childhood, I distinctively remember Nan khatais, those soft crumbly cookies which were hollow from the inside. Back then I would be amused by the hole and look forward to it while biting the cookie. They were available in two varieties, one with all purpose flour and the other with chickpea flour…


Easy Semolina cake (Guilt free)

Winters time in Delhi can mean gloomy and sunless days. So I decided to do something which elevates my mood and keeps my mind occupied..baking. Yes I am a sucker when it comes to baking. Its not been long since Diwali went and I have been avoiding making any Dessert due to the overdose of sweets we had had on Diwali. But since this Semolina cake uses no butter/oil I decided to calm down my “baking itch” by making this :-). I used very small portions as I didn’t want wastage lest this try came out bad. The result was a small cake which could serve 3 people for a time, depending how big your sweet tooth is 🙂

Oats and Almond cookies

Here comes another inspired recipe. I am feeling like one of those Bollywood music composers who lift tunes and modify it to make ‘inspired’ songs ;-). Well, I am going to give full credit to the original recipe owner. For these yummy cookies I convey my heartfelt thanks to Annacia from for her Ginger Pecan Oatmeal Crisps recipe. I did not have pecans, so have replaced it with Almonds. We don’t eat eggs, so have used egg replacer. I halved the recipe to make a small batch

Savoury cookies (Indian style)

This is a recipe I picked from Raaga’s blog. I was desperate to do some short time baking and these savoury cookies looked so tempting in pics that she put up on her blog. …

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