Raw Papaya Pulusu | Raw Papaya in Sweet and Sour Gravy – an ode to Pedatha

Raw Papaya Pulusu

Following my doc’s advice I have been trying to include papaya in my diet. I am just not able to have it in fruit salad on a regular basis. I have adapted the gravy from the book “Cooking at Home with Pedatha (Best Vegetarian Book in the World – Gourmand Winner)”

Mango Toor Dal/Split Pigeon Peas With Mango – Fixing up a bad buy

Mango season is full on here. When you are in the fruit market surrounded by varieties of mangoes, if greed over powers you I will not blame you 🙂 Such is the promise held by a bunch of juicy looking mangoes. But this time the dreams of gorging on these sweet juicy mangoes turned sour. … Continue reading

Baked Capsicum with Bengal Gram Stuffing

Stuffed Capsicum with Lentil Stuffing

I am back too soon with another stuffed capsicum recipe. No I am not going gaga over capsicum, but yeah, I was overstocked with them 🙂 I got this idea when I was trying to calm my mind in the morning. And my mind has been anything but calm till I tried this dish 🙂 … Continue reading

Dalia(Cracked wheat) Khichdi

Am back after a 2 weeks sick leave. Khichdi seems like a logical choice for someone who had not been keeping well, but this is not the reason behind this post 😛 Dalia Khichdi actually tastes good too besides being nutritious and light. And when it cuts down my effort of making a separate Dal, … Continue reading

Dal Palak/Lentils with Spinach

I am still fighting with my allergies and feeling no energy to do any fancy stuff. Posting a simple yet very tasty Dal recipe. I had a first taste of Dal Palak at “Sahib Singh Sultan” and absolutely loved this Dal, which was a far cry from Dal Makhni. Garlic and Spinach rule the taste here. I can … Continue reading

Masoor Dal with Moong vadi/ Red Lentils with Sun Dried Dumplings

The combination of husked Moong and Masoor Dal is an ancient one in my household. One fine day, when I was attempting to break from the routine my mom-in-law suggested this idea of putting Moong Vadi in Masoor dal. The outcome was interesting, a nice and simple taste, which we look forward to in our … Continue reading

Kale Chane ke Kabab

I had Kala Chane ka Kabab at Radisson’s Kabab factory years ago. I liked the concept and taste very much back then. So when I had some leftover Kale Chane at  my disposal this time, I decided to turn them into Kababs. I like these because they are healthy and have the power to disappear … Continue reading

Moong Dal and Spinach Cheela

My mom-in-law made this on a hustly bustly weekday morning a month ago. The thought of putting this on my blog popped into my head and I managed to get this quick photograph.  But somehow I forgot to post this at all 😦 Today while looking at some old photographs it came back to me. Moong … Continue reading

Whole Moong Dal with Mustard Oil Tempering

Whole Moong Dal is such a common side dish in Indian household that I was doubtful about doing a post on this. But what makes the difference here is the Mustard oil tempering which gives it a very different flavour from the Ghee one. Try it to believe it 🙂 Ingredients:1/2 Cup Whole Moong Dal1.25 … Continue reading

Dal Masala

This comes from my mom-in-law’s recipe diary. This adds a nice touch to lentils especially whole ones like Sabut Moong and Moth. It is similar to garam masala plus and minus some ingredients.  If you are using this masala, then there is no need to do the tempering with whole spices like cumin, asafetida etc. … Continue reading

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