Beetroot Raita | Beetroot Yoghurt

Beetroot Yoghurt

Delicious and colorful yoghurt with the goodness of Beetroot.

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Start your party with these delicious Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Flavourful Punjabi Kadhi with Palak Pakoda | Spinach dumplings in Chickpea Flour gravy

Exploring my Punjabi connection with this flavorful Kadhi and Palak Pakoras

Kadhai Paneer – Aromatic Cottage Cheese and Capsicum Curry

Kadhai Paneer with Aromatic and Subtle Flavors, all time favorite with a different take this time…

Soft and Fluffy Dahi Bhalla – A Step by Step Guide

Soft and fluffy Dahi bhallas has been one “taken for granted” dish that my mom-in-law used to make and I would just eat. This time I decided to learn the tricks of the trade from her and share the step by step procedure with you.

Raw Papaya Pulusu | Raw Papaya in Sweet and Sour Gravy – an ode to Pedatha

Raw Papaya Pulusu

Following my doc’s advice I have been trying to include papaya in my diet. I am just not able to have it in fruit salad on a regular basis. I have adapted the gravy from the book “Cooking at Home with Pedatha (Best Vegetarian Book in the World – Gourmand Winner)”

Cottage Cheese in Green Peas Gravy | Paneer in Matar Gravy

I made this Cottage Cheese in Green Peas gravy dish a few days back. The idea for this dish was germinating in my mind for a while and I had so much fun while making it. When I started I was not at all sure how good or bad the gravy would turn out so I kept a plan B in mind.

Tofu in Vegetable Mash Gravy/ Tofu in Paav Bhaji Gravy

Tofu in Bhaji gravy

This one is yet another attempt to increase Tofu consumption. Not that I don’t like it, rest of the folks still associate Tofu with blandness (except for in chinese meals). This preparation blends tofu perfectly in the flavor of the gravy, which is essentially a Pav Bhaji gravy.

Bharwan Tinda with Dahi Saunf Masala | Stuffed Round Gourd with Fennel Yoghurt Masala

This is one preparation of Tinda that all of us love without a fuss. It takes round gourd to a totally different level. I picked this up from Nita Mehta’s book titled 101 Diet Recipes.

Capsicum Aloo With a Little Twist

I decided to do this little change to this weekly subzi of capsicum and potato. A good break from the routine taste and adds a little crunch to the subzi.

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