Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!

Upma Cheese Cutlet

Forgive me for this dull mobile click, but this is just to share an idea. Recycling left overs has been one of my favourite tasks. However, Upma leftovers have always bothered me. I find it’s taste dull and lifeless the next day. This time I had quite a quantity of Upma leftovers at my disposal. … Continue reading

Beetroot Patties | Chukunder ki Tikki

“I am alive, I am alive”. With a tinge of shame, I am singing this out to the blog world šŸ™‚ So am back here with a BIG GRIN on my face to camouflage all feelings of embarrassment and the likes :-)) I had these Beetroots lying idle in the fridge for sometime. I tried them as patties and found them to be quiet nice and versatile this way. Adding potatoes kind of neutralized its sweetness and spices jazzed up the flavour.

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Start your party with these delicious Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Navratri Fasting Food Recipes – Reposting old posts

Navratri have started and I bring to you some of the recipes that I have posted earlier, these are my favorite Navratre food. I hope you enjoy cooking and sharing with family.

Soft and Fluffy Dahi Bhalla – A Step by Step Guide

Soft and fluffy Dahi bhallas has been one “taken for granted” dish that my mom-in-law used to make and I would just eat. This time I decided to learn the tricks of the trade from her and share the step by step procedure with you.

Spiced Barley Bites

Ā Weather is torturous yet the oven beckons. Lures me to bakeĀ recipes yetĀ untried. Activates my imagination. I start to see my folks munching on the baked goodies. Their mouths full of food and eyes full of appreciation. And then…..I fall into the trap. As I gather the ingredients and get started, the preheating oven reminds me … Continue reading

Grilled Potato Chaat with Coriander Flavour

Aloo Chaat

A healthy no-fry aloo chaat which tastes as good as the fried one. Even the grown up gorge on it like kids šŸ™‚

Savoury Buttermilk Swirls

Savory Buttermilk Swirls

Few days back I read about Iyengar Khara BiscuitsĀ at Priya’s (mharo rajasthan) and Srivalli’s site. I tried them out and they turned out really good with yoghurt giving a nice punch to the taste. Then I also bumped into an Irish Soda bread recipeĀ at simplyrecipes.com( though I am yet to make this one). These recipes … Continue reading

Awesome Rajma Tikki Chaat Red Kidney Beans Kabab with Tangy Sauces and Yoghurt

Bumped into this recipe in a very interesting way. I was called to judge a school competition and ‘cooking with rajma’ was one of the contests there. A bunch of kids had got this recipe from one of their chef uncles. Thanking him here, if ever he reads this šŸ™‚

Nutrella Vegetable and Cheese tikkis/Pancakes

Made these tikkis after a long time when a close friend of mine asked me to post about this. She and I spent some of our beautiful “younger” years together :-). And these tikkis were one of the very few culinary items I had tried my hands at, before marriage. Though she did not get … Continue reading

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