Chocolate Dodha

Joy is sweet and Sweets are a joy! Sweetaholics! Here is another recipe trial that went well! Like most of the desserts on my blog,  this one is also from the books of Nita Mehta titled “Mithai”. What fascinates me most is, this is made out of ghee solids, which is the residue that is … Continue reading

Mango Toor Dal/Split Pigeon Peas With Mango – Fixing up a bad buy

Mango season is full on here. When you are in the fruit market surrounded by varieties of mangoes, if greed over powers you I will not blame you 🙂 Such is the promise held by a bunch of juicy looking mangoes. But this time the dreams of gorging on these sweet juicy mangoes turned sour. … Continue reading

A small insight

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