Badam Burfi – Navratri Special – Step by Step

This particular recipe is one of the favourites in my home as there is no Ghee (clarified butter) and taste is pure almondilicious 🙂 It is quite easy to make so I don’t complain too 🙂 And folks searching for Navratri special fasting food, this can be had during Navratra too. So hope you make it and enjoy it!

Soupy Noodles - All Cooked and Ready to Eat

Desi Genoese Vegetable Soup

This recipe is adapted from the book called Vegetarian Cookbook published by Paragon Books. Why I am calling my version “desi” is because I have altered the Pesto combination as per the availability here and as per our eating habits.

Jhandewalan Cycle Market

Sunday Funday Cycle Market – Sneak Peek of Jhandewalan Cycle Market in Delhi

Mom in Law and Moi went on an expedition, the objective being procuring a bicycle for my 5 year old niece. We stepped out with a mindset that buying bicycle for a kid is a cakewalk, you go, pick one, pay, bring home, period! But one look at the prices and variety and we knew … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Pasta – Homemade & Handmade from Start to Finish

Perfection Goodbye!!….Puzzled?? Seems like I am writing the wrong text at the wrong window??? Not exactly 🙂 Perfection GoodBye is the thought process behind my post today. Why? Because this topic echoes the emotions of a woman who undergoes stress each day to achieve that elusive fruit called perfection. Perfect cook; Perfect mother, perfect wife, Perfect daughter-in-law, Perfect professional, perfect human being and Perfect whatnot!!! Read on…

Junkaholic – The Story of my Colourful Accessories

The story of my colourful accessories. I do not know why, but I have been feeling very tempted to do this post. Feeling this strong urge to share one of my soft corners with you. I have this immense passion for accessories or junk jewellery as we call it. Cheap or expensive, they just give a whole new definition to the outfits we wear. Everywhere I go I spot at least one beautiful piece that speaks to me..

Beetroot Patties | Chukunder ki Tikki

“I am alive, I am alive”. With a tinge of shame, I am singing this out to the blog world 🙂 So am back here with a BIG GRIN on my face to camouflage all feelings of embarrassment and the likes :-)) I had these Beetroots lying idle in the fridge for sometime. I tried them as patties and found them to be quiet nice and versatile this way. Adding potatoes kind of neutralized its sweetness and spices jazzed up the flavour.

Nature Beckons – Almora, Uttaranchal

Some pics from my recent and past trip to Almora, Uttaranchal, India

Homemade Cheese and Garlic dip

A fresh and easy to make dip made out of Cottage Cheese, Garlic and Yoghurt. No sin no guilt 🙂

Beetroot Yoghurt

Beetroot Raita | Beetroot Yoghurt

Delicious and colorful yoghurt with the goodness of Beetroot.

Apple Semolina Halwa | Seb Sooji ka Halwa

My way of developing liking for apples. Enjoy the goodness of apples in this fruitilicious Apple and Semolina Halwa

A small insight

Sharing my life with you x

Bunny Kitchen

Exploring the possibilities of cruelty free food