Baked Yoghurt Dessert

Its so scorching hot here in Delhi that I don’t get the drive to eat food. All I want to do is have a chilled drink or dessert and keep a bottle of cold water on my head 🙂 Well the latter, I am not doing 🙂 So satiating myself with chilled stuff every day. … Continue reading

Baked Gujiya with Roasted Almond, Melon seeds and Nutella filling

Holi, the festival of colours is just around the corner. With the city rejoicing in its spring, the flowers are at their colourful best. So are the markets which are stacked full of Holi colours and colourful water pistols. And how can Holi be complete without Gujiya, the crusty sweet with the khoya/mava filling. Gujiya … Continue reading

Makhane ki Kheer |Fox nut| Lotus Seeds pudding

Makhana Kheer

Its interesting how I am getting to know the English names of ingredients while blogging. If someone had mentioned “Fox nut pudding” to me before this post, I would have thought it to be some English dish with a rare ingredient not seen in India 🙂 I would be calling it with the name I … Continue reading

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Bunny Kitchen

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