Dhaniya and Makhana Panjiri – Janamashtami Prashad

This is an aromatic panjiri which my mom-in-law prepares for the occasion. It can be eaten on fasting days and we have it as a sweet dish post meals on non-fasting days. This is commonly prepared in Punjabi and UP households on the eve of Janamashtami. It is a very easy to make dry preparation and storable for a long time.

Grilled Potato Chaat with Coriander Flavour

Aloo Chaat

A healthy no-fry aloo chaat which tastes as good as the fried one. Even the grown up gorge on it like kids 🙂

Coriander Mint Chutney with Spring Onion and Raw Mango

This chutney is a routine thing in our home now and brings any snacks to life.

Masala Paneer Sandwiches in Coriander Mint Gravy

They say we gossip. I say we talk 🙂 They say we talk too much. I say we walk the talk. They say we do meaningless discussions. I say we come up with meaningful creations 🙂 Before you start thinking “Whats going on? I thought I stepped into a recipe blog??” It is nothing but … Continue reading

Savoury cookies (Indian style)

This is a recipe I picked from Raaga’s blog. I was desperate to do some short time baking and these savoury cookies looked so tempting in pics that she put up on her blog. …

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