Upma Leftover and Cheese Patties, Cutlets, Kebabs…whatever!

Upma Cheese Cutlet

Forgive me for this dull mobile click, but this is just to share an idea. Recycling left overs has been one of my favourite tasks. However, Upma leftovers have always bothered me. I find it’s taste dull and lifeless the next day. This time I had quite a quantity of Upma leftovers at my disposal. … Continue reading

Homemade Cheese and Garlic dip

A fresh and easy to make dip made out of Cottage Cheese, Garlic and Yoghurt. No sin no guilt 🙂

Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Start your party with these delicious Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Kababs

Kadhai Paneer – Aromatic Cottage Cheese and Capsicum Curry

Kadhai Paneer with Aromatic and Subtle Flavors, all time favorite with a different take this time…

Cottage Cheese in Green Peas Gravy | Paneer in Matar Gravy

I made this Cottage Cheese in Green Peas gravy dish a few days back. The idea for this dish was germinating in my mind for a while and I had so much fun while making it. When I started I was not at all sure how good or bad the gravy would turn out so I kept a plan B in mind.

Savoury Buttermilk Swirls

Savory Buttermilk Swirls

Few days back I read about Iyengar Khara Biscuits at Priya’s (mharo rajasthan) and Srivalli’s site. I tried them out and they turned out really good with yoghurt giving a nice punch to the taste. Then I also bumped into an Irish Soda bread recipe at simplyrecipes.com( though I am yet to make this one). These recipes … Continue reading

Pasta in Spring Onion and Cottage Cheese Sauce and My First Set of Awards

I got the idea to try pasta in a green onion and cottage cheese dip I posted about sometime ago. It was a welcome addition of a new flavour, subtle, nice. Since me and hubby mostly end up eating Arabiata or Basil Pesto flavoured ones we enjoyed this change thoroughly. And the best part about this is, easy and simple ingredients

Masala Paneer Sandwiches in Coriander Mint Gravy

They say we gossip. I say we talk 🙂 They say we talk too much. I say we walk the talk. They say we do meaningless discussions. I say we come up with meaningful creations 🙂 Before you start thinking “Whats going on? I thought I stepped into a recipe blog??” It is nothing but … Continue reading

Matar Paneer Mini Galette/ Cottage cheese and Peas Mini Galette

I had been eyeing galette recipes for sometime. When my sis-in-law Reshma asked me to whip up a fusion recipe for her site Masala Mango Mantra, I toyed with different ideas. When galette popped into my mind I could think no further. The idea for filling was inspired by a discussion I had with my … Continue reading

Kashmiri Palak Paneer

My mom-in-law saw this recipe on TV (probably on Marut Sikka’s show) and makes this quiet often now. This is a great variation of Palak Paneer which we had never tasted anywhere earlier. She has made them today and I thought it would be a good one to share. Ingredients:Spices – 2 Black Cardamom and 4 … Continue reading

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