Gajar Sooji Halwa (Carrot Semolina Halwa)

Another delicacy from the Master Chef of my mom-in-law. In my household, Carrot halwa garners mixed reaction, Semolina halwa garners mixed reaction but when the two are combined it becomes something else and gets a super “like” from everyone πŸ™‚ Don’t take my word for it. Just try it to know the taste πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

Singhada Flour and Cucumber Coriander Dosa – Fasting food

More from the fasting series for my dear friends! My mom in law finds it quiet amusing when I take out Singhada flour these days as to why I am making fasting food when I am not fasting. But when I set out with Camera and stuff she gets it πŸ™‚Β This one is easy folks. … Continue reading

Fasting Special – Singhada Flour Dahi Bhalle

Few of my friends have been asking for a new fasting recipe for the ongoing Navaratris. Though I am not observing fast on all the Navratri days, I want to honor my dear friends’ request…

Matar Paneer Mini Galette/ Cottage cheese and Peas Mini Galette

I had been eyeing galette recipes for sometime. When my sis-in-law Reshma asked me to whip up a fusion recipe for her site Masala Mango Mantra, I toyed with different ideas. When galette popped into my mind I could think no further. The idea for filling was inspired by a discussion I had with my … Continue reading

Baked Gujiya with Roasted Almond, Melon seeds and Nutella filling

Holi, the festival of colours is just around the corner. With the city rejoicing in its spring, the flowers are at their colourful best. So are the markets which are stacked full of Holi colours and colourful water pistols. And how can Holi be complete without Gujiya, the crusty sweet with the khoya/mava filling. Gujiya … Continue reading

Besan Cookies or Chickpea Flour cookies

Whenever I think about my visits to bakeries during childhood, I distinctively remember Nan khatais, those soft crumbly cookies which were hollow from the inside. Back then I would be amused by the hole and look forward to it while biting the cookie. They were available in two varieties, one with all purpose flour and the other with chickpea flour…

Oats and Semolina Dosa with spicy Peanut Garlic spread

Another one of those rush rush morning when body and mind function incoherently. When every task seems like a “to-do” I want to get over with. One of such ‘to-do’s was to try Oats and Semolina Dosa or crepe which I had been putting off for some days. So I decided to tick it off … Continue reading

Vegetable Quiche

I absolutely love cakes, muffins and pastries. But I usually face disappointment as the ones that look so tantalizing in the bakery shops are seldom eggless. At max I get to eat only Pineapple and Black Forest pastries from the market. So the quest for eggless goodies led me to a baking workshop sometime back. … Continue reading

Savoury cookies (Indian style)

This is a recipe I picked from Raaga’s blog. I was desperate to do some short time baking and these savoury cookies looked so tempting in pics that she put up on her blog. …

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