Soft and Fluffy Dahi Bhalla – A Step by Step Guide

Soft and fluffy Dahi bhallas has been one “taken for granted” dish that my mom-in-law used to make and I would just eat. This time I decided to learn the tricks of the trade from her and share the step by step procedure with you.

Moong Daal Raw Mango Chutney

Mung Daal Raw Mango Chutney

Staying with senior citizens who don’t find coconut very friendly to their digestive system, this seemed like a good diversion from the green chutney (mint coriander and all) or the tomato one that we usually make.

Dal Panchmel (Mixed Dal)

Lentils are an every day thing in my household. In my corporate lingo I would have called it the “BAU(Business As Usual) dish”. However some little changes in tadka (tempering) gives them a different taste altogether. This is what happens in case of Dal Panchmel, a mix of five lentils. This is a Rajasthani recipe I believe and the tempering in this preparation is full of hot stuff 🙂

A small insight

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