Cottage Cheese in Green Peas Gravy | Paneer in Matar Gravy

I made this Cottage Cheese in Green Peas gravy dish a few days back. The idea for this dish was germinating in my mind for a while and I had so much fun while making it. When I started I was not at all sure how good or bad the gravy would turn out so I kept a plan B in mind.

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie with Moong Dal

I came across this recipe of Chef Jeena’s site several months ago. Loved it for its versatility and nutrition. The ingredients sounded so much Indian, just the preparation was different. A smile came across my face when this made me realize a deeper message. We live in different countries, dress in different ways, have different … Continue reading

Oats and Semolina Veg Crepes with Walnut Spinach White Sauce

I loooved this when I had this for the first time. This is again one of those Sunday one pot meals I love. Though this involves a three step preparation, but once its done, its done. We all can sit together and enjoy our meal then. And this is what we want on our Sundays, … Continue reading

Matar Paneer Mini Galette/ Cottage cheese and Peas Mini Galette

I had been eyeing galette recipes for sometime. When my sis-in-law Reshma asked me to whip up a fusion recipe for her site Masala Mango Mantra, I toyed with different ideas. When galette popped into my mind I could think no further. The idea for filling was inspired by a discussion I had with my … Continue reading

Kale Chane ke Kabab

I had Kala Chane ka Kabab at Radisson’s Kabab factory years ago. I liked the concept and taste very much back then. So when I had some leftover Kale Chane at  my disposal this time, I decided to turn them into Kababs. I like these because they are healthy and have the power to disappear … Continue reading

Matar for Kulchas

Kulche Chhole bring back school time memories. In those days there were hardly any schools in Delhi where you could not spot a ‘Kulche Chhole wala’ outside the school gate during lunch time. Thinking about those chatpata chana and soft kulchas still bring back the taste to my mouth. Now coming to the cooking part, … Continue reading

Vegetable Vermicelli

This was one of my favourite tiffin items during school days. There is nothing new about this simple breakfast dish yet it is something my blog can’t do without 🙂 Here is the recipe: Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1 and 1/2 cup Bambino pre-roasted Vermicelli3 cups of Water 1/4 cup green peas – slightly under-boiled 1 large Tomato – … Continue reading

Savoury Vegetable Semolina bread

Ever since I tried the sweet Semolina cake, the savoury one had been on my to-do list. I had seen the recipe video long time back on you tube and finally made this today. It turned out to be a good breakfast dish with its share of veggies in it. It can also be a good tiffin snack for kids. And if you take aside the baking time, the preparation time is quiet less.

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