Capsicum Aloo With a Little Twist

I decided to do this little change to this weekly subzi of capsicum and potato. A good break from the routine taste and adds a little crunch to the subzi.

Grilled Potato Chaat with Coriander Flavour

Aloo Chaat

A healthy no-fry aloo chaat which tastes as good as the fried one. Even the grown up gorge on it like kids 🙂

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie with Moong Dal

I came across this recipe of Chef Jeena’s site several months ago. Loved it for its versatility and nutrition. The ingredients sounded so much Indian, just the preparation was different. A smile came across my face when this made me realize a deeper message. We live in different countries, dress in different ways, have different … Continue reading

Nutrella Vegetable and Cheese tikkis/Pancakes

Made these tikkis after a long time when a close friend of mine asked me to post about this. She and I spent some of our beautiful “younger” years together :-). And these tikkis were one of the very few culinary items I had tried my hands at, before marriage. Though she did not get … Continue reading

KhusKhus Wale Aloo/ Flavoured Potatoes in Poppy Seeds Masala

This recipe comes from the living recipe book in my house, yes my mom-in-law again 🙂 Khuskhus gives a very subtle flavour and aroma to the potaoes. It doesn’t scream of flavour like ……say Cinnamon or Fennels but just holds its own place in a soft subtle way 🙂 Ideal for a simple dinner. Ingredients:2 tbsp … Continue reading

Stuffed Capsicum Tawa Fry

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello folks. Am back with an interesting side dish…Stuffed Capsicum Tawa fry. Stuffed Capsicum may not sound new. It could be one of those “been there done that” dish for almost everyone 🙂 What is interesting about this one is the way they are prepared. There’s a slight twist to the way we cook Capsicum … Continue reading

Fasting Special – Singhada Flour Dahi Bhalle

Few of my friends have been asking for a new fasting recipe for the ongoing Navaratris. Though I am not observing fast on all the Navratri days, I want to honor my dear friends’ request…

Sabudana and Spinach Vada

Today is Shiva Ratri and I am fasting. Or should I say feasting? 🙂 I find it amusing that we have such delectable workarounds for meals on our fasting days, that makes fasting seem more sinful 😛 Right from Singhare ke atte ki roti, Sabudana vada and Kuttu ke atte ke Pakore, everything is so … Continue reading

Matar for Kulchas

Kulche Chhole bring back school time memories. In those days there were hardly any schools in Delhi where you could not spot a ‘Kulche Chhole wala’ outside the school gate during lunch time. Thinking about those chatpata chana and soft kulchas still bring back the taste to my mouth. Now coming to the cooking part, … Continue reading

Oats Poha with Instant oats

I have been trying to include oats into our regular breakfast list since long. But may be due to our North Indian taste buds we find oats quiet bland. Add to it the fact that we don’t use onion or garlic in our cooking which could add a good flavour to savoury oats. However today I decided to go ahead and make this quick dish as breakfast since I was going through the usual Monday morning delay. It came out well this time and I am likely to include it in our weekly breakfast list.

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