Tofu in Vegetable Mash Gravy/ Tofu in Paav Bhaji Gravy

Tofu in Bhaji gravy

This one is yet another attempt to increase Tofu consumption. Not that I don’t like it, rest of the folks still associate Tofu with blandness (except for in chinese meals). This preparation blends tofu perfectly in the flavor of the gravy, which is essentially a Pav Bhaji gravy.

Methi Tofu/ Tofu Flavoured with Dry Fenugreek Leaves

Found this to be a quickie and understated 🙂 My FIL doesn’t like the slight pungency that tofu has. So I decided to over flavour it with methi. The flavours of fenugreek and black salt brought about a good outcome. Simple and enjoyable! Goes very well with with Indian dinner. Ingredients:400 gm Tofu – cut into … Continue reading

Savoury Tofu and Bread Pudding

I like any recipe which makes use of left overs and gives them a new twist. Savoury Bread pudding is one of them. This time I wanted to make it a little cakey and got success! I took it out of the oven and realized why not make a post for this. I am still settling down with blogging you see and did not get this idea earlier. Since I did not make a note of proportions I am giving out approximate proportions.

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