Savoury Vegetable Semolina Cake

Savoury Vegetable Semolina Cake

  Though I have earlier done a post on Savoury Semolina bread some 2 years back, I did some tweaks in my subsequent attempts. The taste got even better and so did the feedback. So instead of going back and changing the old post, I decided to come up with this newer version with the … Continue reading

Desi Genoese Vegetable Soup

Soupy Noodles - All Cooked and Ready to Eat

This recipe is adapted from the book called Vegetarian Cookbook published by Paragon Books. Why I am calling my version “desi” is because I have altered the Pesto combination as per the availability here and as per our eating habits.

Vegetable Dalia Upma/ Cracked Wheat Upma

An interesting breakfast recipe which came to us through word of mouth some years ago. Dalia in its healthy and tasty avatar. There could be many interesting variation/ flavoring to this one.

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie with Moong Dal

I came across this recipe of Chef Jeena’s site several months ago. Loved it for its versatility and nutrition. The ingredients sounded so much Indian, just the preparation was different. A smile came across my face when this made me realize a deeper message. We live in different countries, dress in different ways, have different … Continue reading

Oats and Semolina Veg Crepes with Walnut Spinach White Sauce

I loooved this when I had this for the first time. This is again one of those Sunday one pot meals I love. Though this involves a three step preparation, but once its done, its done. We all can sit together and enjoy our meal then. And this is what we want on our Sundays, … Continue reading

Dalia(Cracked wheat) Khichdi

Am back after a 2 weeks sick leave. Khichdi seems like a logical choice for someone who had not been keeping well, but this is not the reason behind this post 😛 Dalia Khichdi actually tastes good too besides being nutritious and light. And when it cuts down my effort of making a separate Dal, … Continue reading

Vegetable Quiche

I absolutely love cakes, muffins and pastries. But I usually face disappointment as the ones that look so tantalizing in the bakery shops are seldom eggless. At max I get to eat only Pineapple and Black Forest pastries from the market. So the quest for eggless goodies led me to a baking workshop sometime back. … Continue reading

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