Eggless Fresh Fruit Nougat Cake and Its our 100th post!!!!

Eggless Butterscotch Cake with Fruit Topping

My 100th post??? Yes!!!! It feels like a commitment-phobic celebrating her first wedding anniversary šŸ˜‰Ā There is a deep sense of happiness and at the same time a sense of wonder about myself. After so many break-ups with my blog how did I manage to get here? Perhaps its one of those love stories which I … Continue reading

Apple Semolina Halwa | Seb Sooji ka Halwa

My way of developing liking for apples. Enjoy the goodness of apples in this fruitilicious Apple and Semolina Halwa

Yeastless Calzone with Broccoli Spinach Corn Pesto Filling

Here’s a no-yeast calzone I baked this week. I love the fact that I don’t need to proof the yeast and wait for the dough to rise. I don’t know if calzone is the right word for it but it definitely fulfills my expectations.

Nutella Cornflakes Muesli and Choc Chips Easy Cookies

Choc Chip Cookies

I was flipping through the pages of Good Housekeeping few days back and came across some beautiful looking cornflakes cookies recipe. Since those had eggs I did not have much energy to think about replacements and do stuff. The tempting photograph was making me restless. So I got my way out by making these easiest Nutella Cornflakes, Muesli and Choco Chips cookies (As greedy as I could get :-)).

Eggless Fruit Loaf

[dropcap]F[/dropcap] ew days back I wrote a post about the “Eggless cakes and Muffins” course by Nita Mehta that I happened to attend. Got such lovely responses from all you sweethearts :-)) I know its high time that I shared a recipe from that series. I made this one a while ago but was just … Continue reading

Spiced Barley Bites

Ā Weather is torturous yet the oven beckons. Lures me to bakeĀ recipes yetĀ untried. Activates my imagination. I start to see my folks munching on the baked goodies. Their mouths full of food and eyes full of appreciation. And then…..I fall into the trap. As I gather the ingredients and get started, the preheating oven reminds me … Continue reading

Greedy Nutella Cookie Cups

I had some Nutella left with me which I had been intending to use for long. I had seen an interesting Nutella pinwheel cookies recipe on sinfoodie and purplefoodie’s site. Being the no-egg person, I thought I’ll pick up an eggless cookie recipe and make the pinwheels. So I took out Nita Mehta’s Chocolate chip … Continue reading

Savoury Buttermilk Swirls

Savory Buttermilk Swirls

Few days back I read about Iyengar Khara BiscuitsĀ at Priya’s (mharo rajasthan) and Srivalli’s site. I tried them out and they turned out really good with yoghurt giving a nice punch to the taste. Then I also bumped into an Irish Soda bread recipeĀ at though I am yet to make this one). These recipes … Continue reading

Peshawari Halwa

This one was attempted by my MIL and it turned out so good. It tasted a bit similar to Karachi halwa. A dessert which is super easy to make. Now thats what I need šŸ™‚

Oats and Semolina Veg Crepes with Walnut Spinach White Sauce

I loooved this when I had this for the first time. This is again one of those Sunday one pot meals I love. Though this involves a three step preparation, but once its done, its done. We all can sit together and enjoy our meal then. And this is what we want on our Sundays, … Continue reading

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