Nutella Cornflakes Muesli and Choc Chips Easy Cookies

Choc Chip Cookies

I was flipping through the pages of Good Housekeeping few days back and came across some beautiful looking cornflakes cookies recipe. Since those had eggs I did not have much energy to think about replacements and do stuff. The tempting photograph was making me restless. So I got my way out by making these easiest Nutella Cornflakes, Muesli and Choco Chips cookies (As greedy as I could get :-)).

Greedy Nutella Cookie Cups

I had some Nutella left with me which I had been intending to use for long. I had seen an interesting Nutella pinwheel cookies recipe on sinfoodie and purplefoodie’s site. Being the no-egg person, I thought I’ll pick up an eggless cookie recipe and make the pinwheels. So I took out Nita Mehta’s Chocolate chip … Continue reading

Baked Gujiya with Roasted Almond, Melon seeds and Nutella filling

Holi, the festival of colours is just around the corner. With the city rejoicing in its spring, the flowers are at their colourful best. So are the markets which are stacked full of Holi colours and colourful water pistols. And how can Holi be complete without Gujiya, the crusty sweet with the khoya/mava filling. Gujiya … Continue reading

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